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    5 star review  Shayin is hands down amazing 👏. She is such a warm person and very intelligent. Besides her being very knowledgeable, Shayin is very honest and realistic. For example, Dr Gut understands each person is different and the reality of things is that, if she were to tell us to stop something cold turkey 2 of the following things would happen: 1. You won't stick to the plan 2. You'll stick to the plan for a bit and fall off. The goal when it comes to our health is to do what works for us in order for it to become a lifestyle, not a temporary fix. I am so glad my business partner and second mother, Beverley Fleischer, introduced me to Dr. Gut! I'm super excited to see the results and the new life I'm about to embrace on my gut health journey with Shayin Dr. Gut 😍 Shayin, thank you for existing and helping the world one gut at a time! Highly recommend seeing Dr. Gut. Best Regards, Andrea Camacho Forest Hill Real Estate - Yorkville

    thumb Andrea Camacho

    5 star review  Shayin responded to my email within a few hours to address my health issues. She has offered me valuable advice ,support and guidance even before meeting me. She is kind and helpful. I know I am in good hands with Shayin , on my health road to recovery. Her knowledge and advice are invaluable. She really understands the human body and very difficult health concerns. I would highly recommend Shayin however small or large your health concerns are.

    thumb Loren Levy

    5 star review  Loved your presentation about gut health. Lots of tips and tricks towards a healthy diet. Would like to know about your products.

    thumb Rashida Kapadia

Welcome Dr Gut Ancient Wellness

What We Provide

We provide quality health care with the belief that all individuals have the right to considerate service at all times with recognition of their personal dignity. Combining the strengths of technology with irreplaceable personal contact.

Our Understanding

We understand your condition may be complex, we treat the underlying cause of illness, offering unique tailored therapies, the body has the substrate to heal. Energy travels and it must be balanced in the body, our organs have an emotional & spiritual component.

Health Concerns

We address health concerns in a context that fosters one’s spiritual evolution, implementing dietary, nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Our Focus

The primary focus is on the Hormone System, the Immune System, the Nervous System & the Digestive System, once we get the 4 systems right, the body will Re – Boot itself on its journey to recovery.

Alternative Medicine is not a one size fits all medicine, it is individualized and can change everything according to the person’s flow of energy (Qi).

Science is slowly catching
up to what Ancient Medicine
has known for years!

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