Ancient Wellness Retreat Algarve 2022

Hello Friends of Dr Gut!

What are you doing May 2022, Don’t make plans for May 27th – June 3rd 2022, because you are going to hang out with me on the beach in the spectacular Algarve – Please accept this personal invitation from me, I so badly need to RECHARGE my BODY & my SOUL, spending time with like minded people will be so much fun. Spring/Fall sounds like the perfect time to getaway.



Dr Gut’s Ancient Wellness Retreats  – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER often take place in the world’s top countries for Lifestyle, Health and Ageing known as “BLUE ZONE Societies. This year we have chosen Portugal as a country that has all the Mediterranean qualities for a warm, fun and healthy lifestyle to rejuvenate and inspire you for the next chapter of your life.

We are so depleted from this pandemic, we have had to deal with work issues, personal issues, financial issues, relationship issues and health issues – it is way too much for the body and mind to handle. This trip will be packed with experiences and information for you to take home so that you can expand into your best self.

A Retreat is a group vacation with a purpose beyond tourism and leisure time, Shares relationships will energize our group and we will indulge in Nature Therapy. Our retreat is designed to guide you towards regaining mental, physical and emotional balance. Participate in a variety of Holistic Wellness Sessions that focus on Gut Microbiome Rehabilitation, Metabolic Detoxing & Autoimmune Resetting.

This TOUR IS LIMITED TO 22 PEOPLE – we are keeping it small so we can bond and do stuff together – REGISTRATION NOW OPEN – SAVE YOUR SPOT!

With Gratitude & Love
Shayin – Dr Gut Ancient Wellness

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