Detox Programmes

Dr Gut Re-Store Me From Within Program
Re-Boot | Re-Energise | Re-Store | Re-Connect

  • Health Investment Package 1: Buy 1 session for R800 – get one free
  • Health Investment Package 2: Buy any 5 sessions for R2400 – valued at R4000

Session Options To Choose From: It is recommended that one does a minimum of 5 sessions
for Optimum Health as the body is Interconnected. All Detoxes include one Free Consultation, A Tailor Made Eating Plan and daily email communication/follow up -Ancient Remedies, Superfoods, Antioxidant Packs & Supplements are charged separately.

1) Gut Detox Reboot 14 day ” Hold My Hand On This Journey Program”

2) Liver Cleanse Re-Boot 7 day ” I Did Not Sign Up For This – I Want A Refund Program”

3) Auto-Immune Re-Boot 7 day “Take Me Shopping, Set Me Up – Re-Boot Me Program”

4) Gut – Brain Connection Reboot 10 day ” Lubricate My Brain Program”

5) Preventative Diabetes & Diabetes Re-Boot 25 day ” I Can’t Do This Alone Program” – guaranteed sugar levels lowered. For everyone as we all have Insulin Resistance Cells

6) Vitality Upkeep Re-Boot 10 day “I’m Healthy And I Want To Maintain This Profile Of Good Health Program”guided tour” on where you can tweak and up your game

7) Children and Teenager Re-Boot Program 10 day – “My Kids/Teens Have A Hard Time Focussing At School, Are Irritable, Moody And Always Tired Program” Diet review/lifestyle changes/actionable outcomes deliverables – via email daily with the parent/teen

8)Thyroid Re-Boot 25 day “If Only I Knew My Thyroid was Linked To My Metabolism Program”

9) Autism/ADHD Re-Boot 25 day “Autism Is Food Related Program” Diet/Supplements/Gut Flora

10) Pregnant Mom Re-Boot 20 day “Optimize My Baby’s Brain, Organs & Body Cells”

11) Grandma & Grandaddy Re-Boot/Re-Set 20 day “We Found The Secret To Optimum Longevity Program”

12) Erectile Dysfunction Re-Boot 20 day “Re-Boot My Blood Vessels – “Nature’s Viagra Program”

13) Ear Acupuncture “Re -Boot me the Ancient Medicine way”

Daily engagement by mail on deliverables is Mandatory when you sign up for these programs as there is an accountability between patient and practitioner agreements. The days allocated to the programs are necessary for optimum outcomes.


“Nature itself is the best physician” Hippocrates

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