Gut Health

Chlorophyll Helps Fight Cancer

Chlorophyll helps fight cancer, detoxes your liver, speeds up wound healing, aids in weight control, soothes the digestive tract, gives a healthy glow to your skin, this superfood is a strong antioxidant and has cancer fighting properties. "The body has the substrate...

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Don Miguel Ruiz

"if you look at your body, you will find billions of living beings who depend on you. Every cell in your body is a living being that depends on you. You are responsible for all of those beings. For all those living beings that are your cells, you are God. You can...

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Digestive Issues

Do you have Digestive issues? Sore joints? Poor immune system? Are you always tired and drained? Is food intolerance affecting your performance at work? Do you ave cellulite and sagging skin? Irritable bowel syndrome is a result of disrupted gut flora. IBS has an...

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