Indemnity Form


I attest that I have read and understood this document, and agree to all the provision listed. I accept the disclaimer that and Shayin VG Rawjee undertakes no direct legal or financial responsibility for my personal safety and wellbeing when I am participating in the programme/s.  I release and Shayin VG Rawjee and all related participants, practitioners, therapists, doctors, and administrative personnel from any and all claims and causes of action that I or my representatives now have or may have in the future for personal injury, illness, hospitalization, emotional stress, or wrongful death occurring to me, arising out of participation in consultation and programmes, diets and recommendations, following a natural holistic lifestyle, diet plan and treatment therapies offered at the centre. My participation is voluntary, and I am acting under my own free will. I do not have any medical ailments, physical limitations, or mental disabilities that will affect my ability to participate in the programme/s offered. IN THE EVENT THAT ANY ONE OR MORE OF THE PROVISIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE HELD TO BE INVALID, ILLEGAL, UNENFORCEABLE OR IN CONFLICT WITH THE LAW ACCORDING TO THE JURISDICTION OF THE STATE/CITY/PROVINCE/COUNTRY, THE REMAINING PORTIONS WILL NOT BE INVALIDATED, AND SHALL REMAIN IN FULL FORCE AND EFFECT.  This is a legally binding contract.

I accept the terms and conditions of treatment.




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Please find our additional forms here, Please fill them in and have them ready when you visit us.

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