Loch Ness Retreat

The Loch Ness Retreat

The Ultimate Restorative Yoga Retreat – in the Spring of 2019 – Northern Hemisphere.

Location and Hosted by:
Gelong Thubten, a Buddhist Monk, and Dr Gut, Shayin RawGreen Rawjee, will host a retreat in Loch Ness, the Scottish Highlands, in a Castle Estate on the southern shoreline, a signature retreat which resonates with each and every individual.

Who Should Attend?
This retreat is for anyone over the age of 14 who wants to make a significant paradigm shift in their life, welcome – artist, writer, poet, doctor, educator, entrepreneur, speaker, student, athlete, Hollywood.

We lead busy lives, we all at some point experience difficulty sleeping leading to a frazzled nervous system and a depleted immune system, our bodies go into over drive and 
Dis – ease sets in, our retreat enables you to re-boot and recharge from within, enjoy 6 days in one of the world’s finest private hideaways.

The cost per person in USD is $4995 which includes the following:

Accommodation 6 nights
Hot oil compress – bedtime
Freshly prepared organic meals 3x a day
Snacks 3x daily
Seasoned Fruit – unlimited 
Filtered water – unlimited
Green Juice bar – unlimited

Seeds and nuts – unlimited
Detox juices with herbs tailor made 3 per day
Smoothies packed with superfoods 2 x daily 
Yoga 2 x sessions a day
Meditation mindful guided session once a day, 
Massage session daily 2 hours with private masseuse, 
Microcirculation oxygen therapy session daily 1 hour, 
Life Design Workshop over two days, facilitated by Former Director & Founder-Life Design School at Google
Individualized eating plan and “Gut Rehab Programme” for each attendee and a 12 month follow up maintenace programme on your Gut Health
Facebook community page of attendees to network post retreat and be part of RRL (Restorative Retreat Loch Ness) family.
RRL Loyalty card for subsequent retreats

All optional activities such as water sports,golf, off site tours are excluded from the package fee.

All additional meals at restaurants off site and on the Estate are for your private account.

There will be no liquor served at this retreat.

Flights and ground transfers are not included in the package and are for your account.

What will I achieve?
Our goal is for individuals to self – realize and make the necessary transformation to reach their inner potential. It is this pursuit that fulfills the purpose of the human form bringing wellness and happiness to all.

Learn to take care of yourself in simple ways, gain knowledge and wisdom from the best mentors and facilitators in the world.

Facilitating this World Class Retreat, Gelong Thubten, Shayin RawGreen Rawjee, Natasha Cadir, Nataliia Kushnir, Zahra Noorani Sameer Rawjee, a global Yogini, amidst a few other masters and mentors. A detailed line up of speakers will be posted on our page @drgut.org

Scotland’s finest chef’s will prepare healthy organic cuisine, enjoy beautiful yoga twice daily, a morning dynamic flow to enliven and energize, and a soft evening practice with meditation and relaxation to calm and soothe. 

Soak up all the goodness this retreat has to offer you,
pampering Thai massages, by Scotland’s finest masseuses, partake in micro- circulation oxygen therapy for rejuvenation, a new healing technology used by astronauts post flight, walk in the deep woods, take a stroll on the beach, cycle on the vast Castle Estate, enjoy bird watching, water activities, play golf on the estate, take a tour and discover Scotland’s history, indulge in the landscape of this majestic region.

Bring your favorite book along to read in the evening, the detoxes, massages, yoga, meditation, and walks will re-programme your body into an equilibrium and you will be sleeping early and rising early, we will get you body to achieve its natural circadian rhythm, which is basically a 24 hour internal clock that is running in the background of your brain and cycles between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals, known as your sleep/wake cycle.

Learn how to eat “green and ground” Shayin RawGreen Rawjee will guide you on Lifestyle Eating and fine tuning your gut, discover the brain- gut connection -enjoy chlorophyll shots in the evening to soothe your gut, unwind with cinnamon cigars to relax your digestive system, indulge in chia seeds to feed your brain, sip coconut water to replenish your electrolytes and filter your blood, listen to the sounds of nature at night whilst relaxing on the Castle’s superbly manicured grounds, bring balance into your life by experiencing the powerful healing benefits of yoga, mindfulness, clean green eating, restful sleep and an optimum lifestyle.

Learn meditation techniques and guided mindfulness with Gelong Thubten, engage the mind- body connection and experience your personal transformation.

Expose your self to transdisciplinary thinking, to be adaptable in a future where your job constantly changes, you will need to learn to think across many disciplines. Partake in a relaxed workshop on this retreat with Sameer Rawjee and Nataliia Kushnir from the Life Design Lab at Google.

Restore, Recharge and Regenerate the 400 trillion cells in your body, we will focus on the Immune System, The Nervous System, The Hormone System and The Digestive System. 

Energy travels and it must be balanced in the body, our organs have an emotional and spiritual component. The time we wake up in the middle of the night, determines what organ is out of balance in the body. Science is slowly catching up to what Ancient Medicine has know for years. The body has the substrate to heal, we will help you find your unique lifestyle.

Renew your skin and organs with a cleansing detox of herbs and juices individually tailored for your Micro biome gut health, replenish depleted bacteria with daily doses of sauerkraut on this personalized retreat experience.

You will return home feeling mindful, relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired, this retreat is designed to function in harmony with its surroundings, in keeping with the philosophy that nature is the best healer.

Apply to be invited to this intimate retreat of 75 guests, to be held in the Spring of 2019. We will select a diverse group of attendees globally. 

We will allocate invites as follows per country/region

Canada 5
USA 10
Australia 10
New Zealand 3
UK/Europe 12
South America 3
India 6
China 5
Africa 12
Middle East 5
Assorted Regions 4

We can only accommodate 75 people.

Registration opens January 2018, secure your spot by paying your 50 percent deposit now, register on line.

drgut.org will post a dedicated web page for this event in January 2018.

With Gratitude
Dr Gut -Shayin RawGreen Rawjee

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