We are made up of over 300 trillion cells, the human body contains about 10 times more microbes,  and most of them live in the gut and the microbes contain 3.3 million genes, versus our genomes at 25,000.

200 Scientists took part in a Human Micro biome Project in the USA,  molecules in your bloodstream are made up of Gut Bacteria, they control your bio – chemistry, physical health and mental health. Parasites make chemicals that are toxic to your body.

A depleted/damaged micro biome is due to antibiotics, chemotherapy and proton pump inhibitors, also a poor PH balance, too much acidity and alkalinity, stress, sugar, alcohol, smoking.

A case study at Maryland University showed that parasites can live up to 20 years in your body. when your immune system is down, they take over your micro – biome.

Examples of a poor micro biome are flatulence, bloating after eating, cystitis, eczema, night sweats, irregular bowels, bad breath, fatigue, mouth ulcers, unexplained tiredness, sugar cravings, infections, food intolerances, lupus, cancer, diabetes, asthma, fibromyalgia. Dr Gregor Reid a Canadian Scientist says theres a link between breast cancer and a poor micro biome, breasts have their own micro – biome.

Food Is Medicine – Green Medicine – Live Foods – Organic Foods

@drgut.org – Article – Dr Patrick Holford

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