N. Saville – Johannesburg
” A great intro, thank you, I would like to come for a consultation and get my health on track”

P. Leranjo – Johannesburg
So informative and shared with authenticity not to sell products nor consults, but to genuinely help us thrive. Thank you Dr Gut.

A.Lourens – Johannesburg
“Very informative and love the interactive setting”

A. Farndell – Johannesburg
“Very Helpfull”

S. Backstorm – Johannesburg
“Good all round knowledge”

C.Schwarz – Johannesburg

C.Fauchet Johannesburg
“Fantastic talk – very friendly”

J.Barnes – Johannesburg
A. Mackeurtan – Johannesburg

” I need Dr Gut as a mentor”

S. Naidoo
” I need help to choose Superfoods”

T. Schweitzer – Johannesburg
“So happy that I Came, thank you very much for such a motivating
mind – gut correlation talk”

Z. Gantries – Johannesburg
” Good Information – Glad I came”

A. Smit – Johannesburg

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