Mind -Gut Workshop Leafy Greens, Dr Gut with Monk Gelong Thubten U.K

N. Saville - Johannesburg " A great intro, thank you, I would like to come for a consultation and get my health on track" P. Leranjo - Johannesburg So informative and shared with authenticity not to sell products nor consults, but to genuinely help us thrive. Thank...

Marinda V – Johannesburg

Marinda Vivier and therapist Cletah after an express back and neck Massage at Dr Gut in Hyde Park

Elda – Hyde Park

Stuart from Bemer Microcirculation explaining our newest machine technology to client Elda at Dr Gut Client Elda relaxing after a Microcirculation Treatment on the Bemer Bed

Joni P – Parkhurst

Marathon Runner Joni Pedi at Dr Gut with therapist Cletha, preparing for her Ozone Oxygen Therapy Session.

Jeanne F – Johannesburg

Thank you ever so much for your kind assistance with my inflamed lymph system yesterday. I am much better this morning and can walk without screaming with pain. I will certainly spread the word and ensure that my friends know about the healing powers of your special...


"Stuart our partner therapist from Bemer and Cletah our top Massage therapist,tending to client Elda at Cellular Wellness in Hyde Park"

Marathon Runner and Author Joni P- Parkhurst

“The Ozone Oxygen Therapy helps my body detox and I sleep very well after, thank you for a wonderful treatment “

Vickie H – Hyde Park

“Vacumed is great for my back and neck pain, I recently fell and my body hurts, Vacumed has helped with the swelling from the injury” "This Bemer Therapy works wonders on my neck injury from my recent fall, thank you for the complimentary foot massage that goes along...

Mhango G – Bidvest Soccer Player

Bidvest Wits Top Soccer Players at Dr Gut Clinic in Hyde Park – for VACPHYSIO THERAPY to address sports related injuries

Video Tesimonials


Selwyn Barton - Accenture

My name is Selwyn Barton and Dr Gut changed my life for the better.

My journey started by finding out that I have high cholesterol at 7,5. I was told by the doctor to start taking chronic medication. After investigating this medication, I realized that I need to find an alternative. I had been to a Dr Gut talk and went to go see her.

My first meeting with you was very overwhelming because I did not think I could do all that she advised me to do. She put me on a 6 month program with tinctures and proper diet. I have done all my blood tests after 6 months and I can confirm that the excellent way I feel is confirmed with my blood tests. The doctor that checked my blood tests told me to keep doing what I am doing. The highlight of my tests is that my cholesterol has dropped to 6.

The biggest impact Dr Gut has had on me is that I have completely changed my lifestyle. I eat healthy every day and my body and mind is definitely thanking me for it. The profound words she told me was “what’s the point of having the best job and lots of money when you are unhealthy”

Thank you Dr Gut you are amazing and I will highly recommend her to anyone. Stay away from the mainstream doctors.

R. Aiyer - Bryanston

So Saturday morning I joined my mom for a gut health talk at Jackson’s food store. The talk was done by a lovely lady name Shayin and she absolutely blew my mind!


“Thoroughly entertaining and enlightening, would love an opportunity to learn more about Iron deficiency and anemia”

Sarah K - Sandton

I’ve started with the chlorophyll (I try for at least 3 times a day, but have been managing a bit more) and cinnamon (in warm water with apple cider vinegar) every morning and evening. I’ve seen incredible results with my blood sugars already – i’m averaging at about 7 mmol/L, which has been amazing. I’m also not having as many hypos after running.

Sugar is proving to be the most difficult to cut out, but I’m trying really hard!

On the whole, I already feel more energized and less hungry.

Daryien Lee B - Fourways

Honestly felt the difference after my first session . So relaxing and revitalizing , I will definitely be back for more . Thank you so much for informing me through the whole process , I learnt so much .


“Great, need a lot of questions answered”

Tracy K - Centurion

“My Neck pain is relieved from just one BEMER treatment, thank you so much, I feel a lot better”

Sonja R- Highlands North

“You’re an angel, I don’t think there’s any coincidence in us meeting – Really value your input”

Lorraine Wales - U.K

“Yes…. I’ve finally been good. I followed your advice. :)) I’ve lost 2 stone plus. Been taking Magnesium citrate and mulitvit. Cut out all white goods such as potatoes, pasta, rice etc. Eating seeds, pine nuts, mushrooms, goats cheese, avocados, chia seeds, goji berries and many more nuts and seeds. Walking more. Stopped taking the metphormin. Not told the doctor yest but waiting first to see if I’ve reversed this type 2 diabetes.

S. Garone

I”It was incredible, Dr Gut speaks so honestly and it’s so easy to understand, not too technical, so so knowledgable, would love to meet with her”

V Kleef

I’ve fallen off the bandwagon slightly with my own eating but attending the talk really re-affirmed my belief of keeping my gut at its best! And just in time for Easter!!

It was the most informative talk I’ve been to that really highlighted how important it is to get the right gut flora and balance going and ensuring you eat the best foods to maximize your nutrient intake.


“”Great, would have liked to know how healthy fats affect weight”

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