ImuPro Test
ImuPro is a concept that combines a sophisticated blood analysis for IgG food hypersensitivities with personalised post-test guidance. The ImuPro Test is an ELISA* test developed by R-Biopharm (https://r-biopharm.comin Germany and is designed to detect the presence of elevated IgG antibodies to specific food proteins. The ImuPro test kits are CE marked and use WHO reference standards. The detection of IgG antibodies has increasingly been associated with adverse symptoms. The theory is that repeated exposure to certain food proteins may eventually produce allergic like symptoms or hypersensitivities. These reactions are usually delayed with symptoms not being evident for hours or even days. Some scientists suggest that IgG antibodies drive these delayed reactions (5). Results from a few studies indicate that eliminating the foods that are identified to have an elevated IgG antibody response results in statistically significant improvement in a variety of conditions like migraine (1), irritable bowel syndrome (2, 5), Crohns disease (3) and juvenile obesity (4).

Your ImuPro test results and your personal nutritional guidelines work together to influence eating habits. By eliminating and reintroducing these foods you can explore whether or not elevated IgG antibodies to specific foods could indicate the cause of certain symptoms.

If you suspect that food hypersensitivities may play a role in the development of your symptoms, call us for assistance with diagnostic testing, and to learn more about the ImuPro test, and personalized nutritional strategy.

If you are interested in having an ImuPro Screen test, please order the test through and download the forms under the page/ Consults, Molecular Diagnostic Testing.

** Note: An IgG food hypersensitivity should not be mistaken for a classic food allergy (type I). If you have a type I allergy, your immune system produces IgE antibodies. These antibodies can lead to an immediate allergic reaction. The symptoms often appear within seconds or minutes: severe swelling, breathing difficulty, rash, itching skin or even anaphylactic shock. ImuPro does not detect IgE food allergies.

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