Super Foods

Cinnamon On The Go!

Do you keep Pills in your handbag for that "in case I feel ill moment"? Carry Cinnamon Sticks or Cinnamon powder in you hand bag or the glove compartment of your car. Cinnamon is a protective antioxidant, slows down the anti - ageing process as it contains phenolic...

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Have you guys heard of Ocean Scum?

Hello Friends, Have you guys heard of Ocean Scum? Yeah Ocean Scum, you heard me alright, yup folks, Spirulina is called Ocean Scum, the gunk of the ocean is full of antioxidants, when harvested correctly from non - contaminated ponds and bodies of water....

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What Is a Macrobiotic Diet?

Dear friends, Take a look at what dr axe says in his article today on superfoods, I really find value in this article and wish to share it with you. Yours in Cellular Wellness, Shayin Rawjee The meaning of macrobiotic is “great life.” (1) As the Kushi Institute — one...

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